Epigenetics and Periconception Environment
COST Action FA1201
Fluorescent microscopy image of a blastocyst from horse. By courtesy of Katriens Smits, Ghent University, Belgium
Working Group 4:
Public, Periconception and Epigenome

Prof Tiziana Brevini

Prof Anita Franczak

To translate research activities into a dissemination strategy.

To fill the gap between researchers and non specialized people, in an attempt to more closely connect science to general public.

To identify “target audiences” that may benefit from the dissemination of the results obtained within this Action.

To generate awareness on the potential impact of scientific networks on society, derive recommendations in decisional area where science and technology play an important role, increase efficiency and productivity sharing the generated data with industry

To circulate scientific information implementing collaborations and synergies, to encourage exchange and discussion through traditional approaches, to develop fast, real time, low cost dissemination/discussion through social networking.

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Epigenetics and Periconception Environment