Epigenetics and Periconception Environment
COST Action FA1201
Fluorescent microscopy image of a blastocyst from horse. By courtesy of Katriens Smits, Ghent University, Belgium
Working Group 1:
Epigenomic Tools

Dr Trudee Fair

Dr Alfonso Gutierrez

To identify the state of the art molecular and imaging techniques for both large scale and focused screening of epigenetic modifications in developing gametes and embryos of livestock species.

To develop an epigenomic toolbox, including screening technologies, protocols for sample preparation and best practice experimental design and statistical analysis procedures for the study of epigenetic changes in gametes and embryos.

To establish a species specific ‘blueprint’ of the epigenetic profile of livestock embryos from the gamete to implantation stages.

To develop in vivo and in vitro methods for epigenetic intervention during embryo development.

To disseminate the knowledge acquired through peer reviewed publications, workshops and summerschools.

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Epigenetics and Periconception Environment