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Fluorescent microscopy image of a blastocyst from horse. By courtesy of Katriens Smits, Ghent University, Belgium
Short Term Missions

The Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are exchange visits which aim to strengthen the existing research
networks. They allow scientists to go to an institution or laboratory in another COST country, to foster
collaboration, to learn new techniques, to take measurements using instruments or methods not available in
their own institution or laboratory.

To apply please follow the rules of Short Term Missions. This is the summary of the regulations:

Project Theme
The theme of your proposed project should fall within one of the priority areas of our Action.

The duration must be minimum 5 days and maximum 89 days.

The reimbursement rate per day is maximum 160 EUR.

The travel expenses should not exceed 500 EUR.

Full Cost (Subsistence + Travel)
If the duration is between 05 days and 30 days the total cost should not exceed 1000 EUR.
If the duration is between 31 days and 60 days the total cost should not exceed 1500 EUR.
If the duration is between 61 days and 89 days the total cost should not exceed 2000 EUR.

1. Complete and save the Online Application Form in the right pane of the webpage.  Applications are only
accepted during a specified period of each year, at least 28 days before the proposed start of the Short
Term Mission. Always check whether an application period is open currently.

2. Submit the application portfolio via Send Documents in the right pane of the webpage. Do not send your
application portfolio by email. The application portfolio must contain the following 6 components:

Application Form (completed and signed by the applicant)
Biography of Applicant (curriculum vitae of the applicant)
Host Acceptance Letter (written by the host justifying the mission)
Motivation Covering Letter (written by the applicant supporting the application)
Support Letter of Home Institution (written by the applicant's line manager justifying the mission)
Project Description (outline of the scientific aims of the mission)

The Executive Committee will consider each application, monitor the grants applied for and the amount of
money spent, therefore may close the call for applications at its discretion with no further notice.

Your application will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. If the application is originating from or involving
the respective institute of a member of the Executive Committee, that member will not be involved in the
evaluation process of that particular application. In the case of a tie after voting, the chairman's vote will be the
deciding factor. If the chairman has a conflict of interest, the deciding vote will then be made by the vice-

The Executive Committee will:
release funds when the application is received on a first-come-first-served basis,
ensure homogeneous distribution among members and countries (out-bound),
avoid overcrowding of single laboratories (in-bound),
examine that the application is relevant to the aims of the Action,
vote on the funding of each application (in the case of a tie after voting, the Chairmanís vote will decide).

You can only begin your short term mission after receiving the approval letter and the grant letter of your
application. Submitting the application does not guarantee an approval.

Submit the completion portfolio via Send Documents in the right pane of the webpage within 28 days following 
the end date of the mission. The completion portfolio must contain the following 4 components:
Grant Letter (written by the grant holder stating the amount of money given for the mission)
Scientific Report (description of the achievements of the mission)
Implementation Letter by Host (declaration on the completion of the mission)
Newsletters Article (short report of the mission with at least 2 photographs, intended for the general public)

Application for Short Term Missions

Online Application Form

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Guide for COST Short Term Missions

Rules of Short Term Missions
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